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A modern workspace community for start-ups, entrepreneurs and creative professionals.

What We Do

Pathfinder business incubator is to accelerate business growth and success and decrease the likelihood of failure of new entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

To facilitate and catalyze innovation, entrepreneurial development, and business success that fosters sustainable economic growth in Khulna.

Our Vision

The main vision of Path Finder is nurturing innovation through a collaborative community of entrepreneurs.

About Us

We are a startup academy that ties a relationship between investor and entrepreneurs. We invest in the Idea & Growth stage. We help to accelerate business growth & success and decrease the likelihood of failure of new entrepreneurs.


What We Offer


We help new businesses at the early stage to test their ideas and help them by providing workspace, funding, mentoring, training and networking opportunities…
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Is a short term cohort based programs that provide mentorship and educational experiences to the graduates…
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Co-working Space

A modern workspace community for start-ups, entrepreneurs and creative professionals in khulna…
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Building Start-up Ecosystem

Moving from ground-breaking plans to exponential new businesses

Our Approach to Startup Idea

Idea Design




Our Projects

Ongoing Incubation Projects

Jute Production Automation

To bring about a change to accelerate economic growth of the country while retaining our jute legacy, we looked into the prospect of value addition of jute production through innovation.

Aquaculture Fish Feeding Automation

Aquafeed management for commercial fish production,an efficient automatic feeding to substitute hand feeding,which significantly improves productivity and profitability, with minimal environmental impacts.

Cyber Security for Vulnerable Age Group

Online instant technological solution and support for cyber crime. Also information, education on Cyber crime and online scams and awareness informations are available.

Ongoing Acceleration Projects

Amar Bondhu

Online gift zone, Experience-based gift hamper for you & your loved ones. One stop solution for heartwarming gifts which will make the soul happy.


Latest Innovations, and technology for modern way of fish cultivation, ensuring quality equipment and support for optimum outcome.

Vita BD

Safe dietary supplements of micronutrients and vitamins at low-cost, for commercial and personal needs for stronger immune system.

Hot Mug

From the world’s most excellent gardens comes these craftsman created varietals of health enriching teas, made with just the best natural ingredients.

Dark Kitchen

For supply of varieties of ready made burger patties for shops, or start up ideas for new burger shops, find full line solution to address your needs.

Meet Our Leaders

Litu Mohiuddin is a Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of One More One Group. Litu has over 20 years of experience in diverse fields of Fundraising, Business development, Food & Hospitality, Marketing and Journalism…
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Litu Mohiuddin

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, One More One

Rasel Mahmud is a Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of One More One group create who helps a roadmap and structure for the organisation’s operation and implement them through people and process…
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Rasel Mahmud

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer, One More One

Rina Saha is a Co-founder and Chairman of One More One group. Specializing in Law , Rina has served many important positions such as Investment Consultant, Security Consultant, HR manager, Training & Development Consultant…
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Rina Saha

Co-founder & Chairman, One More One

Over his 10 years of career, Sadique has gained expertise in project management, communications, digital marketing, journalism and media management. Currently he is managing a $2.1 million worth project from Cornell Alliance for Science of Cornell University…
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Sadique Uddin

Senior Project Manager, One More One

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